Sunday, 30 September 2007

What is RSS?

We talked a lot about RSS in our meeting,last week and it can be a bit difficult to explain, maybe this video will help to clarify to those, who are just getting their heads around it.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

First Podcast

This was our first Podcast. Well done to all involved, I can safely say I had nothing to do with it and if you listen carefully you will not hear any Welsh tones! To save the Podcast right click on the icon and choose save target as

Podcasting Mind Maps

Podcast Meeting Thurs 27th Sept 07

Our first 'Official' network meeting took place today. I would say, it was a very worthwhile day, we have all inputed and I believe learnt a lot from collaborating and discussing our thoughts and misconceptions. I now feel confident to try podcasting in school. We shall see what happens!!

It has been a very productive meeting, network schools have learnt:

- how to use audacity to create MP3 files and that you must have downloaded a lame encoder in order to import and eaport mp3's (download here files needed to podcast)
- where to access free sound effects, backing tracks and (see links)
- how to create a podcasting channel through Lgfl
- we have spent time creating our first blogs and podcasts
and much more.....

It has been a worthwhile day, with lots to take on board. Our aim is to meet again in November to see what stage we are at.

Good luck to everybody!!