Monday, 25 February 2008

Fairlop Inset - Introduction to Podcasting and Blogging

Today we had a staff inset on Podcasting and Blogging. The aim was to introduce the terms 'Podcast' and 'Blog'. I showed examples of Podcasts already published and then introduced teachers to Podium.
Teachers worked in year groups and created a Radio advert for a competition trip to New York. I had pre-written an article taken from a magazine and showed the staff how to copy it into Podium and create a script from it. They were then shown how to record and edit their work. Teachers' examples were then uploaded to the LGFL hosting site.
Teachers were then asked to implement this knowledge into their planning and be ready to share what they have done with the rest of the staff in the Inset in June. They all appeared very enthusiastic.
Then we had a quick look at Sandiag school, Gearies Infants and Teyfants Junior School's blogs. We also looked at Anthony's blog - they were all very impressed!
Wendi has created a Fairlop blog with links to blogs for each class in the school, other blogs for Sports, School council and Science are also going to be created. We quickly showed how to add text, pictures and videos. Each class are now going to begin to develop their own blog and share to the rest of the staff in the next ICT inset in June.
Fairlops blog can be found at


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